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We have changed our name from Lighthouse to Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust – our logo and name has changed but our work and mission remains the same.

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Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust is a charity that creates children’s homes where children can thrive


Our model is built on four foundations:


Our people are the heart of our organisation. We want the very best people developing authentic relationships with the most vulnerable children. We recruit and train diverse and skilled staff. We are launching a bespoke development programme and offer above-average remuneration so we can attract talent to the sector and retain staff.


We create thoughtfully-designed spaces that feel like home, in places of need. Through our therapeutic environment and excellent staff, we want to create stable placements for children.


Children must be able to discover their potential. We work closely with learning providers and other support services to allow every child to achieve their ambitions. A holistic education is at the top of our list of priorities.

Social pedagogy

We use social pedagogy as an excellent basis for supporting children who live in residential care. It is an academic discipline drawing on core theories from education, sociology, psychology and philosophy, and commonly used by residential care workers in many European countries.

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