Our people

Our people are driven by a shared passion for creating an empowering, child-centered place where everyone has the opportunity to grow and learn.

Through high-quality professional training and reflection, we are continuously learning with and from young people and each other.

Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang

Founder and Director

After graduating, Emmanuel joined the Teach First programme and taught English at a secondary school in Birmingham. It was because of his experiences teaching looked after children that Emmanuel decided to work with a group of other Teach First ambassadors to explore improving their educational outcomes. 

Prior to founding Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust, Emmanuel worked in a charity providing training and work opportunities to disadvantaged young people and in the management consultancy and technology sectors helping organisations use technology to better support young people.

In his spare time Emmanuel enjoys swimming, cycling, running and going to the gym.

Hannah Severn

Registered Manager

Hannah has spent most of her career working across Local Authority Children’s Homes. She has studied Social Pedagogy and is passionate about using this to inform day to day practice. Hannah is a trustee of SPPA which looks at professionalising Social Pedagogy in the UK. She has been involved in delivering training in Restorative Practice and merging the theory with the practical application. She also comes with a Cockapoo called Charlie who is a trained therapy dog.

Hannah enjoys reading, being by the sea and eating anything she has not had to cook herself.


Charlie is a 5 year old Cockapoo.

He provides countless opportunities for learning, from basic animal care to trick training. He is also an excellent motivator to encourage people to get out and explore the local area during his daily walks. People often want to stop and say hello to Charlie, which leads to informal conversations and helps to develop communication and relationship building within the community.

Charlie loves puddles, cheese and his cuddly toy sprout.

Punil Pattani

Assistant Director – Strategy and Operations

Prior to joining Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust, Punil worked across business and education. He started his career as a Science teacher and trained through the Teach First programme. Subsequently, he worked as a consultant for Accenture, and then as a business developer in Berlin for Europe’s largest fashion e-commerce retailer. Most recently, he supported an ed-tech start-up scale up their operations and established a service to help people find suitable therapists to support their mental health.

Punil enjoys keeping fit, taking long strolls in nature, attempting to bake cookies or planning the next adventure abroad.

Sinead Kirrane-Davis

Head of LPT Talent and Professional Development

Having studied in Liverpool, Sinead worked as a management consultant in the People Consulting team, where she supported clients with their workforce challenges, such as attracting and retaining great people, change management and learning. She joined the Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust team as part of the On Purpose Associate programme, a year-long leadership programme that helps people to change career to do work with positive social and environmental impact.

Sinead enjoys listening to podcasts, wandering around galleries and markets, cycling and baking. She grew up in Brighton and loves to get back to being by the sea as often as she can.

Hollie Panther

Development and Communications Manager

Hollie had a varied career before joining Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust, working mainly across research, education, and education technology, while also holding voluntary positions at several charities along the way. Hollie completed Teach First’s Leadership Development Programme, teaching Science and Psychology in secondary schools, and first encountered Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust via the Teach First Ambassador network.

Hollie enjoys winter sports, hanging out with cats, and eating food from all over the world.