Our story, vision and values

We believe that children in care have the right to the same opportunities as everyone else – at home, school and in their communities.

Our founder, Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang, was working as a teacher when he became increasingly concerned about how many children in care in the UK are at higher risk of poor educational outcomes, homelessness, unemployment, mental health difficulties and prison sentences.

Emmanuel spent two years travelling to homes in Europe, meeting frontline staff and reading in depth about children’s homes. Emmanuel founded Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust in 2017 with a group of former teachers. They felt that more could be done to change poor outcomes by setting up excellent children’s homes and working with the rest of the sector so that children in care have the same opportunities as everyone else.


Our values

Many hands together on a tree trunk


We develop empowering relationships enabling everyone to realise their potential. We are courageous and honest in our approach, committed to children’s rights and participation.



We are curious and questioning, we believe continuous learning and growth are fundamental to our wellbeing. We use theory and evidence to continuously inform and improve how we do things. We listen deeply and reflect together on our practice so we can make changes that enable everyone to thrive.

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We are committed to doing the best for the children in our care, for ourselves and for others. Our sense of responsibility guides our decisions and actions, and we always strive to find a positive way forwards​.

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We are compassionate with others and ourselves, through empathy we aim to be understanding. We treat people with dignity and respect. 

Child playing Jenga game


We play and have fun, we are generous and welcoming of people who want to join in, collaborate and share with us. We use creative methods and shared activities to connect and explore.



We respect every individual human being and value the differences between us as strengths, giving us a richer understanding of the world and one another. Our approach is rooted in a commitment to equality and human rights, we believe it’s good to be different and being different is what we have in common.